The CMGGA Programme is a first-of-its-kind experiential learning model in India, helping young professionals understand governance and government structures at the highest level in the state. Each year, a dynamic cohort of 25 associates work with district administration while representing the Chief Minister's Office to drive mass impact on ground. The cohorts work on innovating new mechanisms and concepts to transform governance and services reaching the last mile citizen in the state.


Our Approach

Experiential Learning Model

Outcome Focus

The programme follows an impact-driven and outcome-focused approach with each cohort. The associates work on select flagship programmes across multiple domains and also on an innovative pilot of their choice to address critical issues pertinent in their respective district. The pilots are designed to have sustained solutions with set targets and milestones. The objective of reaching maximum citizens within a limited period of time with a large scale impact remains the focus of the programme.

Field-to-forum Approach

Each cohort’s tenure of one year is a mix of fieldwork in districts and classroom sessions at Ashoka University.

Field: On the job learning by working with the district administration for every 6-7 weeks, followed by 1 week-long forum

Forums: Problem-solving and skill-building through classroom sessions at Ashoka University. Special focus remains on peer learning, sharing best practices and sessions by experts.

Professional Development of Associates

Constant mentorship is ensured through

  • Buddy system
  • Weekly calls
  • Performance appraisals
  • Problem solving sessions
  • Skills imparting session
  • Guidance through CMO
  • Networking opportunities

CMGGA Mandates

Support District Administration

Streamline execution of flagship schemes

Innovate Workable & Sustainable projects

Consolidate regular updates for the Chief Minister

Hear from our Leadership

Collaboration across boards

Our Usp

What sets us apart

Social Innovation

Sustainability and Scalability

Multi-sectoral Collaboration

Rigorous research and mentorship

Programme Team

People Behind

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