Current Engagement

We have 22 Associates presently posted in the 21 districts of the State of Haryana. They will work in tandem with the Chief Minister of Haryana and Ashoka University on improving the governance initiatives and hence impacting the lives of the citizens of the State.

About CMGGA programme

The Chief Minister's Good Governance Associates (CMGGA) programme is an initiative of the State Government of Haryana for young, promising leaders excited to work with the State machinery and who embody highest levels of integrity, passion for development and service to others. The programme's goal is to promote understanding and knowledge of the legislative process and principles of good governance among the young leaders of our country and give them an opportunity to tackle some of the complexities that exist today in the State.

We need leaders who take a systems change approach to problem solving with the executive function of the State and influence the outcomes and effect long-term transformations. These diverse young leaders will be paired with some top civil servants within the Haryana government to take a user-centric approach to issues at the intersection of people, processes, products, and policy.

The CMGGA is a unique and highly-competitive opportunity, during which 22 high-caliber individuals will be posted in the 21 districts of Haryana for 12 months. They will represent the Chief Minister's office and will work in tandem with the Deputy Commissioner and district officials.

It is a unique opportunity for young leaders who are strong collaborators, are self-aware and adaptive to get top quality mentoring. The Associates will be in regular communication with the Chief Minister's office and will also get avenues to discuss, disseminate and acquire skills and receive support necessary to discharge their duties. The programme will begin with an orientation at Ashoka University that will focus on the structure of the government, the legislative process, and the role of the civil society. Participants will be then deputed to their designated districts.

Ashoka University is a knowledge partner for the CMGGA programme to the Haryana State government. Ashoka University will facilitate the process of selection, recruitment, training, mentoring and monitoring the work of the Associates.

Duration - Posting in the districts is for one year, which can be extendable to another year based on mutual consent.

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